Cliental Review

COMPANION PETS is only 4 years old and is already having more than 1000 happy clients who are enjoying a good time with their pets. Here are a few of the reviews of the clients who got their dogs from COMPANION PETS and are still enjoying other services provided by COMPANION PETS such as boarding, training, breeding, or any other daily needs(food, accessories, etc.) for their dogs.

Client Name : Mr. Vipul Sharma, vice-president, India Bulls, Ahmedabad.
Breed owned : Rottweiler.

I was thinking of getting a pet for quite sometime, but due to lack of proper guidance and advice, were not able to decide about which breed we should go for, seeing our house and interest. However, through COMPANION PETS, we got immense information about the variety of pets and their nature. Finally, we decided to bring Leonardo, a ROTTWEILER puppy and we think that our decision could not have been better as he is the best companion we ever had. He is a sincere and playful pup at the same time and is very attentive and obedient. He is also getting training from COMPANION PETS and we can see him improving day by day. Thanks to COMPANION PETS.

Client Name : Mrs. Lalwani and her pet dog Mario, a Golden Retriever

I was searching for a trainer for my pet dog Mario. I was not able to find a reliable one. I had also tried to contact some police trainers, but was not able to find a good trainer. Thereafter, I came in contact with COMPANION PETS via Dr. Tina Giri(veterinary doctor) and I received training for Mario and I am very satisfied with the way COMPANION PETS have trained my dog. COMPANION PETS have really made it easy and now me and other members in my family know what language and key words my dog understands and we also understand what my dog tries to say. Thanks to COMPANION PETS.

Client Name : Mr. Varun and his Labrador Stiffler

I got my puppy from COMPANION PETS and I am very proud to get such a good, loving dog. I also found the service provided after taking the puppy from COMPANION PETS to be excellent. All the other regular needful things that I require for my dog such as dog food, accessories, etc. is provided. Thanks to COMPANION PETS for providing me Stiffler, my Labrador and also other dog related services.

Client Name : Mr. Sunil Motwani residing at Gandhidham (Kutch)- Gujarat and his GREAT DANE DOG – Male

This is Sunil Motwani residing at Gandhidham (Kutch )- Gujarat purchased Great Dane Dog- Male from COMPANION PETS, Ahmedabad. He is currently 3 months old. We are entirely satisfied with the service provided by COMPANION PETS. As its our first dog, we were provided good guidance before purchasing the dog and same was continued even after that with a good response every time. We were also satisfied with the Genuieneness of the breed which is also confirmed by our veterinary doctor here. The guidance and service provided by COMPANION PETS didn’t let us feel its our first dog. In the end, proper guidance is necessary before owning a dog, which was not a cause of concern for us. Thanks to COMPANION PETS.

Client Name : Mr. Nageshwar Rao K S

I hope pet owners can have a sigh of relief, for at last they have a true animal lover at help. Starting from selecting the right breed you helped me to walk through the difficult task of choosing a right puppy, puppy accessories, puppy care guidance…It was a cake walk for me. I felt cost of the puppy was bit on a higher side…but..Quality comes with a price Tag!
When I couldn’t keep the puppy for long owing to my personal difficulties, you helped me to get my puppy a nice home. Really I appreciate your valuable and ever smiling services. The concern you have towards four leggies is amazing.

I was always worried about backyard breeders before. But once I met you, all my doubts were put to rest and I found you to be a true animal lover. The concern you have towards four leggies is amazing.

People need not look any further, if they need any assistance in choosing a right puppy. They can be rest assured about the quality of the breed and any other assistance. They get all the service with a smile.

Client Name : Mr. Parag Shah, Breed owned: A Labrador

We are really glad to share our experience of having bought a Labrador from Companion Pets. We wanted a good-looking and a healthy dog, but were confused about where to find it. We were just searching on the net, from where we found COMPANION PETS contact details. There was no looking back then.
COMPANION PETS showed us the relevant certificates and stuff, and also explained to us various aspects about this particular breed. The Lab – we call him ‘Goofy’ – is a part of the family now. The experience of owning this dog has been extremely hassle-free. We would advise anybody looking forward to buy a pet to contact Companion Pets straightaway. This small step will change your life – it definitely changed ours!!