Delivery and Shipping Policy

Companion Pets uses services of reliable third party logistics partner for better buying experience. Usually, it takes 7 to 8 business days for the delivery. However, this estimated delivery time varies due to various factors. These factors could be the products ordered, geographic location of delivery, and availability of the product.

In case of Cash on Delivery (COD) facility (limited to buyers from Ahmedabad city), the buyers can check the product without opening / tempering the original packing. We allow opening / tempering of the original packaging in the presence of representative of our logistics partner only after the cash payment. In case of any violation to this, the buyers are liable to pay for the product. In case of refusal of accepting the delivery of the product / COD, the buyer(s) is liable to pay for the applicable delivery charges.

We reserve the right to serve a particular location. We may not ship the products if there are some legal restrictions or due to non-availability of trusted and reliable logistic partner.

Companion Pets believes in transparency. Delivery charges might be nil and waived off for orders with specified minimum value. However, in many cases, we may charge nominal delivery charges. In some cases, we may specify higher delivery charges. Please note that delivery charges may not be in line with the delivery time; there are various other reason behind that for example need for special packaging or products to be delivered in specific conditions.

In case of replacement or return, you need to intimate us. We may pick-up the products from your location using our logistics partner service; in some cases, we may ask you to return the products at the specified premise of our logistics partner. Our delivery is confined to national boundaries. We do not deliver items internationally. The delivery address must be from India.