Payment, Refund and Cancellation Policy


As a matter of policy, as of now, the facility of Cash on Delivery (COD) is limited to buyers from Ahmedabad city only. However, Companion Pets may use its discretion to extend COD facility considering geographical areas of Ahmedabad city, product(s) ordered / to be delivered and at times based on the type of customers.

Please note that Companion Pets does not offer facility of Cash on Delivery (COD) method of payment in other locations in India except Ahmedabad city. We accept all major credit/debit cards and also online payments made through internet banking system.

Companion Pets will not be responsible and cannot be held liable while using any of the payment methods offered as service for any loss or damage occurred to buyer(s) due to issues of authentication and authorization of transaction; decline of transactions or other such matters due to payment gateway and banking system.

Return and Refund

For us Return is the act of sending back / returning products bought by the buyer(s) to Companion Pets. We do not accept return and do not offer cash refunds. However, a product can be returned only if the product is defective; or damaged severely during the shipping; or the missing products or wrong product sent to you by error.

We do not offer refund. As long as possible, we will replace the product upon the receipt of the returned goods. However, in some cases, the return might lead to refund of money. In that case the money will be refunded only after the receipt of the product(s). The refund will be credited in the buyers account after 15/20 days; depending upon the terms of the payment gateway / banks and after deducting applicable charges / any other deductions.

Companion Pets might use its discretion in such cases. In case of returning the products, the condition of items should be new, undamaged and in the original packaging. We recommend that the buyer(s) should carefully review the product before placing the order; however in many cases if a wrong product is ordered, we do not offer any refund or return.

Further, the buyer(s) should register the request for return or refund, as the case may be within 2 days after receiving the product(s). Usually we take 2 days (business days) to respond to such requests. Companion Pets reserves the right to amend and offer separate policies during the offer period / discounted products for refund and return.


Companion Pets offers benefit of replacement of the product; the buyers can replace the product in place of another product. For availing this facility, you need to register the request within 2 days from the date of receipt of the products. However, replacement request can be considered only in case of manufacturing defects, severely damaged products during shipping, wrong product sent or in case of missing items.

Companion Pets generally asks for the reason for replacement / return / refund as the case may be. As a procedural step, we will send you a communication of either the approval of the request or the rejection; in few cases, we may ask for further details. The condition of the product asked for return / replacement should be new, unopened, undamaged and in the original packaging.

In case of any such requests or claims found to be fraudulent and not genuine, Companion Pets reserves the right to take legal actions.


In case of orders cancelled before the shipment process has begun from our side; the money will be refunded after 15 / 20 days after deducting applicable charges / any other deductions by payment gateway / banks / taxation authorities.

We do not accept any request for any cancellation of the order once the product(s) are shipped. Companion Pets may use its discretion to allow cancellations after deducting shipping charges as well as other applicable charges.